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Helfs Music-List

Beitrag von Lanissee am Do Jan 07, 2016 5:08 pm

Archeage MML music

My compose list only :

Gumibear (Gumisie) - Done

Dr.Mario (music stage)– Done

Fur Elise – need fix

Inside the castle (Super Mario 64) - need fix

Gonna Fly now (Rocky) - undone/need fix

National Anthem (Germany) – Done

National Anthem (Polish) – Done

Overlord ED (L.L.L.) – Done

Overlord OP (Clattanoia) – undone/need fix

Through the Fire and the Flames (Full / multi sheet) – undone/in progress

Sailor Moon OP – Done

ACDC highway to hell (solo) - in progress

ACDC highway to hell (multi instrument) – in progress

Bad Apple (touhou) – undone/need fix

Mountain of Faith (Touhou) – in progress

Drei Haselnüsse – Done

Ducktales - The moon (full) – need fix

Hey sokoly – Done

Shokugeki no Soma OP 1 (Kibou no Uta) – Done

Log Horizor ED 1 - Done

Super Mario 64 (ending) – In progress

Gytomine (Music Stage) – need fix

Legend of Zelda ( Theme) – need fix

Attack of Titan OP1 (full) – in progress

Canon Rock ( multi sheet) – need fix

Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (multi sheet) – in progress

Hoist the Colors (Pirate of Caribbean) - need fix

DeathParade OP – in progress

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This – undone/in progress

LMFAO Party Rock Arthiem – undone/in progress

CAB - Angel with Shotgun - Done

Rozen Maiden - Battle of rose - Done

More music on:

I will add Videos to every music later.


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